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As of November 30, registration is closed. If you are a presenter and still need to register please email [email protected]. Thank you! 

Registration Types 

  • AFE Members: We offer discounted registration fees for AFE and SAFE members. If you are not currently a member, click here to join
  • Students: For individuals who are currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Retiree: For individuals retired from active employment. 
  • Sliding Fee: Primarily for individuals living in countries with low income or lower-middle income economies. Or for individuals with low income who are unable to attend due to their financial situation. 
  • Student Volunteer: Volunteers will sign-up to assist for 4 hours with conference tasks. Priority will be given to student attendees.
  • Scholarships: The application period is now closed, and we have awarded available funds. 
  • Note: Due to low interest, we will no longer have an option for virutal registration or virutal program elements included in the program.