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Fire Circles

Fire Circles will take place on Tuesday, November 19 from 3:40pm to 5:10pm and provide an opportunity to advance important wildland fire science and management issues through discussions, working groups, or round tables.

Demystifying Resilience to Wildfire

Organizers: Carol Miller, US Forest Service, Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute; Anne Black, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station; Phil Higuera, University of Montana; Elizabeth Metcalf, University of Montana, Alex Metcalf, University of Montana; Dave McWethy, Montana State University; Lily Clarke, University of Montana

What do we mean when we talk about “resilience to wildfire?” The term resilience can be used differently across disciplines and is often ill-defined, thus creating challenges in applying the concept. Participants will be guided through a collaborative and interactive exercise that clarifies resilience concepts for application to fire-prone landscapes.

Filmmaking To Educate the Public about Wildfires

Organizers: Stephen Most, Filmmaker (Film: Wilder than Wild), Trip Jennings, National Geographic (Film: Elemental and other shorts), Maya Kholsa, Biologist and Poet Laureate Sonoma County and Christy Sherr (Film: Finding the Goldspot)

This fire circle will start with each presenter sharing clips and presenting lessons learned from public engagement. Participants will be invited to ask questions, present challenges, offer creative ideas, and explore opportunities for breaking through the dominant, negative cultural norms about fire. This fire circle seeks your ideas on how film and creative media might be deployed to educate the public about the benefits and challenges of living with fire.

Fire Science Co-Production: A Roundtable Discussion on Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Multiple Disciplines

Organizers: Molly Hunter, University of Arizona / Joint Fire Science Program; Alison Meadow; Research Scientist; University of Arizona

Interested in doing fire science co-production? Whether you are new to co-production or well-versed in the practice, join us for a discussion on best practices and lessons learned from multiple disciplines on establishing and maintaining science co-production programs.

How to Use Social Media to Motivate Stakeholders

Organizers: Anthony Lee Small, Fedwriters- Joint Fire Science Program

One of the challenges in running a organization is motivating stakeholders to do what you want them to do. Whether it’s a critical investor, a team of employees or a key customer, you have to be able to convince stakeholders that your organization is worth supporting. Motivation often comes down to knowing your audience, having a plan and communicating your desires clearly in a way that makes it easy for stakeholders to support you.

National Fire Mapping Efforts

Organizers: Joe Noble, Tall Timbers Research Station; Kevin Hiers, Tall Timbers Research Station; May Armstrong, Tall Timbers Research Station, Southern Fire Exchange 

Conduct brief discussion of the need for a more accurate and complete fire mapping effort on both public and private lands nationally.   Discuss current efforts in Florida and Southeast to develop such a map.  Open group discussion to better understand similar regional and national efforts.

Prescribed Fire Councils of the Central and Southern Rockies

Organizers: Gloria Edwards, Southern Rockies Fire Science Network; Mike Babler, Colorado Prescribed Fire Council; Derek Scasta, Wyoming Prescribed Fire Council; Jennifer Hansen, Utah Prescribed Fire Council; Mike Caggiano, Colorado Forest Restoration Institute; Daniel Godwin, Forest Stewards Guild

Prescribed Fire Councils now exist throughout the Central and Southern Rockies region. These PFC’s vary in capability and scope, but all are working to expand the effectiveness of prescribed fire on the ground. Attend this Fire Circle to identify issues and ways to develop support for Southern Rockies Rx fire!

Smoke: Challenges and Opportunities for Wildland Fire

Organizers: Peter Lahm, USDA Forest Service; Dave Mueller, BLM; Susan O’Neill, USFS; Linda Chappell, USFS

Recent EPA Guidance and state efforts provide opportunities for prescribed fire. The Circle allows for discussion of smoke challenges experienced in the field.  Input will help NWCG’s Smoke Committee target useful products to support field needs.  Strategies will be discussed to collectively build knowledge about approaches to smoke challenges.

Strengthening Fire Effects Perspectives: A Role for Plant-Soil Feedbacks

Organizers: Katherine Wood, Michigan State University; Andrew Vander Yacht, Michigan State University

Research and researchers within fire science and plant-soil feedback (PSF) are currently disparate groups with little focus on the interactions between the disciplines. We propose a discussion to advance fire effects and PSF research, specifically perspectives on current knowledge gaps, methodological limitations, and future research directions in connecting the sub-disciplines.

Strengthening Partnerships with Cooperative Extension: Identifying Barriers and Opportunities

Organizers: Jennifer Fawcett, North Carolina State University; Susie Kocher, University of California Cooperative Extension; Jesse Kreye, Pennsylvania State University

This interactive fire circle will include discussion and exercises among participants to gather information on potential partnerships with Cooperative Extension. We will discuss the opportunities and barriers to developing partnerships on fire outreach and education. This information will be used to increase partnerships and develop a Journal of Extension article.