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Call for Fire Circles

The Call for Fire Circles is Now Closed
Organizers will be notified by August 30, 2019

Fire Circles are discussion sessions focused on advancing our understanding of wildland fire topics or issues and provide time for conference attendees to network with others who have similar interests. Fire Circles can be designed in different ways to meet the organizer’s goals and may take the form of

  1. Roundtable discussions around a specific topic or issue
  2. Working groups developing position papers, white papers, policy pieces, management guidelines, or collaborative peer-reviewed papers; or
  3. Other efforts to explore or synthesize data or research results, discuss ideas, present scenarios, or lead role-playing exercises.

The number of Fire Circles is limited, and submissions will be evaluated for inclusion based on likely degree of interest and uniqueness of topic. While not required, we encourage proposals related to the Fire Congress theme and list of topics. We will contact proposers of Fire Circles with similar topics or themes to determine if those proposals can be merged.

While organizers can invite specific participants to their Fire Circle, the session will also be advertised in the conference program and should remain open to all interested conference attendees. If you’d like to have an “invite-only” discussion session, we suggest organizing an Attached Meeting.

Fire Circles will be held during a 90-minute time block, and organizers can use the time within the session as they wish. Rooms will be set-up with chairs in a circle for discussion, and tables can be requested if needed. We also have outdoor space available, if you’d like to move your discussion outside, and there are informal meeting spaces in the lobby as well for smaller groups.

Please have the following information ready for the online submission form:
– Organizer contact information
– Title of Fire Circle
– Short summary for the conference program booklet and mobile app (50 words or less)
– Description (goal, desired audience, tentative agenda)
– Does this Fire Circle complement a special session?

Organizers must register for the conference, and registration costs will not be reimbursed by the conference.