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Virtual Exhibit Hall

Fire Congress Exhibitors and Sponsors: You Are Invited to Be Part of the Virtual Exhibit Hall!

In the Virtual Exhibit Hall, you can easily showcase your agency, organization, or business and interact with congress attendees!

Example of Virtual Exhibit Hall

Access from web or mobile app

Congress attendees can visit the virtual exhibit hall using an app on their mobile device or through a web app using their computer, making it easy for attendees and exhibitors to access information and interact.

By clicking on exhibitor profiles, attendees can explore the virtual booths and watch videos, view photos, see your contact info, and get an overview of your key activities, programs, or products.

Engage with attendees through livestreams and chat functions

Each exhibitor will have the option to create a livestream video session during our networking breaks. This will allow attendees to “stop by” and chat with you, just as they would at the in-person conference!

In addition, your exhibitor profile will include a chat function. Attendees can use the chat to say hello, ask questions, and leave comments. You can use the chat to quickly interact with multiple attendees and leave messages for attendees that are exploring your booth.

Extend your reach with promotions and gather leads

You can conduct a raffle, provide coupons, or prizes for those that visit your booth. These promotions can help you gain new contacts. We will also host a “Passport Contest” to encourage attendees to visit your booth.

User-friendly set and option to add exhibit booth staff

Whova (our virtual event platform) has easy-to-follow guides and videos to help you create your virtual booth. You can also give permission to other registered attendees to assist you in the booth. We will send log-in information and instructions in September. Booths must be ready by Wednesday, November 24.