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Student Travel (TREE) Grants

Travel, Research, and Educational Experience (TREE) Grants

We are no longer accepting applications; notices will be sent to applicants by October 16.

TREE grants are funded by the Joint Fire Science Program and are designed to help graduate students in the United States travel to present at conferences, symposia, and workshops related to wildland fire science and management.

The grants can help fund travel expenses including transportation, lodging, registration fees, and presentation preparation costs. Funds cannot be used for food and incidentals, student stipends, direct research costs, or faculty research/administration costs. International travel is not supported by this grant.

Grants are limited and competitively awarded. Grants are paid after the event as reimbursements for approved receipts, for up to, but not more than, the initial grant award. The maximum amount any student can receive is $1,500. Most grants are lower than this in the range of $250-$750. Please do your best to accurately estimate your expenses so we can support as many students as possible.

You are eligible for this grant if you:

  • are a registered graduate student in the U.S. in good academic standing in a field related to wildland fire science, ecology, or management;
  • are presenting your fire-related research in an oral or poster presentation at the Fire Congress; and
  • do not have travel support through another Joint Fire Science Program grant.

How to Apply
Submit your application online at You will need to provide contact and degree information, your CV/resume, an emailed recommendation from your advisor (details on application form), and your budget request.

Presentation Requirement
All grant recipients are required to present at the Fire Congress. At this time, we are still accepting student poster presentations to help students fulfill this requirement. Poster presentation abstracts can be submitted at Both your abstract and application must be received by 9/16/19.

The deadline for applying for TREE grant funding for the 8th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress is September 16, 2019. Grant notification decisions will be sent no later than October 16, 2019.

To update a submitted application, for questions on your grant request, or for more information, contact Annie Oxarart at