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Special Sessions

More than 20 special sessions have been accepted for the 2017 Fire Congress. Session titles and organizers are listed below. Each session will have several presentations related to the theme and some will be followed by interactive fire circle discussions.

Check the tentative schedule to see the date/time for each session.

Read the special session abstracts for more detail on each session.

  • America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative: A Collaborative Success Story to Restore the Great Southern Forest, Randy Tate.
  • Bark Beetle and Fire Interactions in Western North America: The Current State of Knowledge and Implications for Forest and Fire Managers, Christopher J. Fettig.
  • Connecting Direct and Indirect Measures of Soil Heating to First- and Second-Order Fire Effects Using Wildfire, Prescribed Fire, and Laboratory Investigations, Jessica Miesel.
  • Engaging the Fire before it Starts, Christopher O’Connor and Matt Thompson.
  • Exploring Past & Future Roles of the Cooperative Extension Service in U.S. Fire Education, Sharon Gamble.
  • Fire and Climate Change: Past Patterns and Future Expectations, Jon E. Keeley.
  • Fire’s Role in Restoration of Wildlife, Ecosystem Resilience and Services, Mark Kaib.
  • Fire Management in the Southwest: Moving Toward Resource Benefit, Barbara Satink Wolfson.
  • Fire Trek: The Next Generation, Timothy Ingalsbee.
  • GRIN: Stoking the Flames for the Next Generation of Fire Scientists, Jeff Kane.
  • Monitoring Vegetation Recovery a Decade Post-Fire in Five Western North American Ecosystems, Andrew T. Hudak.
  • Prescribed Burn Associations: Landowners Effectively Applying Fire to the Land, John Weir.
  • Prescribed Fire Science: An Interdisciplinary Focus on Fire We Use, Kevin Hiers.
  • Quantifying Responder Exposure to Improve Large-fire Response Decisions, Christopher Dunn.
  • Restoring Fire Integrity: A New Paradigm Arises from the Ashes, Cecil Frost.
  • The Fire Science Sandbox: Who Provides What Science Support on Wildland Fire?, Paul Steblein.
  • The Science and Implementation of the Integrated Rangeland Fire Management Strategy, Doug Havlina.
  • The Southern Appalachian Wildfires of 2016, Joseph J. O’Brien.
  • Toward an Inclusive Culture, Lisa M. Ganio and Carrie Spradlin.
  • Where’s the Biodiversity in Fire Management?, Dominick DellaSala.