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Research Highlights

We will not create an official proceedings for the 7th International Fire Ecology and Management Congress. However, we are providing an opportunity for presenters to submit short summaries of their work as a Research Highlight, which will be shared with a much larger audience than will attend the Congress. Research Highlights will be posted on the AFE website as a resource for both fire managers and fire science delivery organizations, such as the JFSP Fire Science Exchange Network. They should also provide openings to help researchers find new connections with their audiences.

Submissions are due December 20, 2017.

Why submit a short summary of your presentation?

  • Share the significance of your work with a much larger audience
  • Provide a springboard for sharing the implications of your work with managers
  • Promote dialogue between you and others interested in your work
  • Create a digital record of the 7th AFE International Congress

What does it include?

  • Main questions or issues that you addressed
  • Location and ecosystem investigated
  • Key findings of your research
  • How did you answer the main questions or inform the issues?
  • How might/will it influence fire management decisions and practices?
  • Who do you believe will be the main end-user of your research?

What is it not?

  • An extended abstract
  • A summary of literature, materials, methods, analyses, detailed results

How will it be used?

  • A portfolio of PDFs, one per submission, will be available initially on the Congress website and long term on the AFE website. Each will be catalogued by the Concurrent Session/Poster topic or Special Session theme in which it was presented.

Format and Submission

  • Submit your responses online at
  • Be prepared to provide the following information:
    • Author(s) name(s) and first author’s contact information
    • Title of your presentation or poster
    • Session in which you presented
    • A set of bulleted statements or short paragraph for each item in the “What does it include?” section above. Each question will have a separate response box for cutting and pasting (preferred) or direct entry.
    • One graphic if it provides compelling support for your answers in the “Key Findings” box
  • Be sure it is spell checked and internally reviewed before submission
  • If you have any questions, email Alan Long at