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Contacts & Committees

Conference Co-Chairs

Geoff Babb – Bureau of Land Management,
Alan Long – Southern Fire Exchange,

The Association for Fire Ecology Staff

Timothy Ingalsbee, Ph.D. – Development Director
Annie Oxarart – Administrative Director
Brandy Newton – Accounts Manager
Brett Cole – Webmaster

General Conference Contact Information

PO Box 50412
Eugene, OR 97405
Phone: 541-852-7903
AFE website:

Steering Committee

Geoff Babb – Bureau of Land Management, Congress Co-chair
Alan Long – Southern Fire Exchange, Congress Co-chair
Tim Ingalsbee – Association for Fire Ecology
Annie Oxarart – Association for Fire Ecology
Steve Miller – St. Johns River Water Management District
Zach Prusak – The Nature Conservancy
Walt Thomson – Retired
Ed Brunson – Joint Fire Science Program
Robin Wills – National Park Service
Neil Sugihara – Retired
Chris Dunn – Oregon State University
Mike Stambaugh – University of Missouri
Sam Lindblom – The Nature Conservancy

Program Committee

Alan Long – Southern Fire Exchange, Chair
Tim Ingalsbee – Association for Fire Ecology
Annie Oxarart – Association for Fire Ecology
Leda Kobziar – University of Idaho
John Bailey – Oregon State University
Morris Johnson – US. Forest Service
Nick Skowronski – US Forest Service
Jennifer Bunty – Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers and Scientists
Louisa Evers – Bureau of Land Management
Sharon Gamble – University of Florida, Cooperative Extension
David Godwin – Southern Fire Exchange, University of Florida
Tom DeMeo –  US Forest Service
Neil Burrows – Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute
Domingo Molina – University of Lleida, Spain
Ilana Abrahamson – US Forest Service
Liz Ramirez – US Forest Service
Stacey Frederick – California Fire Science Consortium, University of California
Sandra Rideout-Hanzak – Texas A&M University
Xinyan Huang – University of California
Krisann Kosel – Bureau of Land Management
Ross Bradstock – University of Wollongong, Australia
Beth Buchanan – US Forest Service
Vita Wright – US Forest Service

Program Details

Opening Plenaries Coordinators – Alan Long, Robin Wills
Closing Plenary Coordinator  – Alan Long
Poster Session Coordinator – Morris Johnson
Banquet Coordinator – Neil Sugihara
Attached Meetings Coordinator – Geoff Babb
Special Sessions Coordinator – Louisa Evers
Workshops Coordinator – Nick Skowronski and Jennifer Bunty
University/Continuing Education Credits – Ron Masters

Conference Logistics and Details

Fire Congress Website –  Brett Cole, Annie Oxarart
Facilities and Venue –  Tim Ingalsbee, Annie Oxarart
Moderators – Tom DeMeo
Student Activities  – Timothy Ingalsbee, Chris Dunn, Stacey Frederick, SAFE President
Student Volunteers – Chris Dunn
Registration – Annie Oxarart
Sponsorships – Tim Ingalsbee, Steve Miller, Walt Thomson, Sam Lindblom, Robin Wills, Ed Brunson
Budget – Adam Watts, Tim Ingalsbee, Brandy Newton
Marketing and Outreach – Tim Ingalsbee
Field Trips – Zach Prusak, David Godwin, Sharon Gamble
Audio Visual Coordinator – Krisann Kosel
Printing – Sean Gallagher
Social Activities – Jennifer Bunty