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Planning Committee

Congress Chair
Geoff Babb, Association for Fire Ecology

Program Chair
Mark Kaib, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Committee Members
Dillon Alexander, University of Idaho
Andrew Barton, University of Maine at Farmington
Sara Brown, US Forest Service
Doug Cram, New Mexico State University
Chris Dicus, California Polytechnic State University
Chris Dunn, Oregon State University
Zander Evans, Forest Stewards Guild
Don Falk, University of Arizona
Lars Filson, University of Idaho
Anne Ganteaume, IRSTEA
Collin Haffey, The Nature Conservancy
Wes Hall, US Forest Service
Shaula Hedwall, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Molly Hunter, University of Arizona / JFSP
Timothy Ingalsbee, Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics, and Ecology (FUSEE)
Pepe Iniguez, US Forest Service
Leda Kobziar, University of Idaho
Mary Lata, US Forest Service
Ellis Margolis, US Geological Survey
Darryl Martinez, Bureau of Indian Affairs
Annie Oxarart, Association for Fire Ecology
Diego Pérez Salicrup, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Helen Poulos, Wesleyan University
Núria Prat-Guitart, Pau Costa Foundation
Charlotte Reemts, The Nature Conservancy
Karin Riley, US Forest Service
Barbara Satink Wolfson, Southwest Fire Science Consortium
Andi Thode, Northern Arizona University