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Call for Special Sessions

The Call for Special Sessions is now closed.

Organizers will be notified of acceptance by May 15, 2017. Once a Special Session has been accepted, the organizer will contact their speakers and let them know that they have to submit an abstract for their presentation on the Congress website’s abstract submission form by the August 1 presentation submission deadline.  Special Session organizers will be responsible for reviewing the abstracts and informing their speakers of acceptance or rejection.   Also, they should let their presenters know that they are not considered “invited speakers” of AFE, and will therefore not be reimbursed by the Congress nor have their registration fees waived. Each special session presenter will need to register for the day(s) when they are giving their talks.

If the Special Session is not accepted, or if some presentations fail to submit abstracts, then the organizer and individual speakers will be encouraged to submit their own abstracts for general consideration (1B).  Both Special Session and general session presentations will be in rooms with theatre-style seating holding 30-100 participants.

The number of Special Sessions is limited and will be evaluated for inclusion based on likely degree of interest, uniqueness of topic, and whether the session fits in the allowed time slots.  AFE will contact proposers of special sessions with similar topics or themes to determine if those proposals can be merged.  Organizers are not restricted to the overall theme of the Congress, nor the main topics listed on the Congress webpage, but we encourage such proposals, and we are very interested in international Special Session proposals.

Special Session coordinators can choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 consecutive time blocks of 1 hour and 40 minutes each, which could be spread across two afternoons.  Blocks will be broken up by breaks (midday breaks are 30 minutes, lunch is 90 minutes).  Each block could have five 20 minute slots, or talks could be arranged as long or short as you wish, and could include speakers, panels, discussions, or Q&A, as long as sessions start and end in alignment with the rest of the program’s break schedule.  Unlike in years past, AFE will not fill slots in Special Sessions when planned speakers are unable to attend; it will be up to the Special Session organizer to fill all the time in their session.  Special Sessions can be followed with “Interactive Fire Circles” (3A) to continue important discussions and/or work on synthesis projects. Please identify whether you would like your special session to be coupled with a Fire Circle (see description below).